Tuesday, August 28, 2012


10000 views and 100 posts right now, uow!
Is it good?
Thank you for been here!

And mean while... we continue to make friends, been in great places and experiencing Brazilian culture.

Capoeira in Marau - Bahia.

Monday, August 20, 2012

To Internet or to Internot... that is the question..

Dear Friends,

Just a quick note from the Onda Boa... We are currently in the bay of Camamu (about 60 nm south of Salvador (capital of the state of Bahia - Brazil). Great region to explore, great beaches, great people, great food, plenty of rain during the evening/nights (so that keeps our fresh water tank full). What doesnt realy work well is the internet connection, so we are not able to upload the fotos and keep our blog up to date... Anyway, stay tuned because in the next couple of days we should be able to change from Internot to Internet...



Friday, August 03, 2012

Ilheus - BA Brazil

Coxinha de Aratu

View from the restaurant of the club.
The best acarajé in Ilheus, Dna Judith


My dear friends, I found that our journey from Santo Andre to Ilheus was spectacular! We left Santo Andre when the tide was coming in, and even so, we had at some times only 60 cm water under our keels…At a slow pace we sailed (motored actually) out of reach of the sandbanks and the double reef

Deep purple

Deep purple... not the rock band, but the Bahia's sky. The Brazilian northeast coast's sunsets has incredible colors.