Sunday, February 10, 2013


Dear friends,
Yes, somebody just got a promotion on board… Please welcome Lucky, Head of Boat Security. In her job, she will be responsible of safe guarding the entire boat, and making sure that no un-invited persons will embark, and in the, remote, case that may happen, severe bodily harm will be applied (to the trespasser that is..)
So there is that…
All the best and keep it real..

Saturday, February 09, 2013

What is the difference?

Dear friends,

Onda Boa still in Trinidad, enjoying the place, and a little bit winding down, as the last couple of months have been hectic.

Yesterday, had the chance to test the newly installed water maker (Spectra Ventura 150 The water production is actualy quiet simple. I wont go into the tech details.. (check their site). So, fresh water is produced at a 30-40 litre/hour rate, using only 9 amps of electricity (of the 12 V battery bank), and the batteries are charged with the 5 solar panels who supply an adequate amount of energy.

So, “green” water on board !


The difference is that the glass on the right is normal sea water, and the glass on the left is fresh filtered water, ready to drink… Actualy the filter process (reversed osmosis.. check google) is so powerful it takes out all minerals.. so the water is “cleaner” compared with mineral water (hence the name mineral water)..the water tastes sort of bland, actualy without any taste… You have to love modern technology..

This is just outside Chaguaramas bay… lovely.. and in the background the Venezuelan peninsula, it does remind of Ilha Grande and Paraty  (Brazil) does it not?


Take care and all the best