Friday, April 05, 2013

Maxi Taxi–Trinidad


Dearest friends,

Sorry again for the rather long period of not posting anything on the blog… But anyway, the good news is that there is lots to write about. For instance about the Maxi Taxi phenomena in Trinidad.. To get around in Port of Spain, public transport has a whole new meaning…They are called the Maxi Taxi.. Van’s (some new, others old and beat up, some with others without air-conditioning) drive around, and where ever you are, just signal, and the driver will pull over and you can get in… only if there is a seat available… and for say 4 TT (Trinidad&Tobago dollars) you get from Chaguaramas to down town..Fast, safe and public… a shared taxi ride… and cheap.. makes all sense to me.. so, why  I have never seen this in other places… (I mean, i know in Brazil there is such a thing in the big cities, but are kind of sort of illegal).. Anyway, i found it a good and fun way to get around.


All the best