Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not all that glitters is gold....

Being a responsible captain (usualy,.. no always...), i had been following and (re) checking the weatherforecast for our small route from Ilhabela to Santos (aprox 45 nm). All looked OK.. light favourable winds from (supposedly the NE) should have put us in Santos in the early afternoon yesterday. I had told Cris that this was going to be a "papaya-with-sugar-kind-of-sail" and that we even might spot some dolphins... So, recapping the day:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Angra dos Reis (RJ) for cruisers

Approach Shopping Piratas Angra dos Reis RJ

Town centre of Angra dos Reis 
Angra dos Reis Marina Clube
This post contains some nautical tips and hints regarding Angra dos Reis
A lot of cruisers will have to go to this town todo paper work (port authorities, federal police etc). Also Angra has a couple of shops

Sunday, April 22, 2012

SV Onda Boa: REFENO 2012 (English/Portuguese)

Would you like to visit Fernando de Noronha this year ( time of departure 10/13/2012)?
And how about to arrive by sailboat?
You want  to be part of the crew on board this  40 ft Sailing Catamaran and enjoy the emotions of a regata?

Contact us for further details and prices via email:

  •  The Regata ( will take aprox 2 days (Recife to Fernando de Noronha)
  •  You can sleep on board during the 5 days whilst in Fernando de Noronha (no need for hostel/pousada on the island)
  •  Plus two more days returning to either Recife or Natal (to be determined yet)
  •  Breakfast, lunch and diner during the two days regata, and on the island breakfast only included.
  •  Private cabines (dubble bed).
  • Two bathrooms and external shower with hot water.
  •  Bed linnen included
  •  Only 5 positions available.

Quer conhecer Fernando de Noronha este ano ( dia da largada 13/10/2012)?
E que tal chegar lá velejando?
Quer fazer parte de uma tripulação a bordo neste Catamarã Veleiro de 40pés e viver as emoções de uma regata?

Entre em contato com a gente para mais informações e preços pelo email
  • A regata ( terá duração de 2 dias, travessia de Recife à Fernando de Noronha.
  • Hospedagem no barco durante 5 dias em Fernando de Noronha.
  • Mais 2 dias para travessia da volta de Fernando de Noronha ao continente (a definir, Recife ou Natal).
  • Alimentação completa a bordo durante as travessias. Em Fernando de Noronha estará incluso somente o café-da-manha a bordo.
  • Cabines privativas com camas de casal. 
  • Dois banheiros, mais uma ducha externa, com água quente.
  • Roupas de cama inclusas.
  • Somente 5 vagas disponíveis!

Today's backyard: Ilhabela/SP

    Today our yard is a rainy day in Sao Sebastiao Island, known as Ilhabela, north coast of Sao Paulo state. the Island is  in front of Sao Sebastiao city at the continent (photo above).

 We are at the  Iate Clube de Santos (Santos Yacht Club), in Ilhabela.

Cordial service, taxi boat service until midnight, warm swimming pool, jacuzzi, a modern elevator to climb up and down the club and a transfer to the historical center of Ilhabela (but we didn't use to have  some walking exercise).
At the center yesterday we spend some time in the cute and comfortable coffee and book store 'Ponto das Letras', and in the local handcraft commerce.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rescuing the Turtle

Rescuing a Turtle in Parnaioca Beach, Ilha Grande island, Angra dos Reis. 

We saw a sad scene last sunday when there were many vultures waiting for a turtle to die. It had been washed up by the waves to the beach and was looking like a dead animal but it wasn't. Immediately Pieter picked up the turtle and put it back into the water. 

Maybe the turtle wanted to die but this time it got one more chance (or choice).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today's backyard

Since we had a cute 12 years old boy onboard (and we miss you kid!) who used to wake up at 5:30am, I'm now enjoying very much to wake up very early. So here are some pictures of our today's backyard at sunrise.

Today's yard is Ilha de Itanhangua, Angra dos Reis - RJ, about 6:15am.

 Then I found a little dog at the beach... Could he be mine? Nope, he's already someone else's angel.

And a dead dolphin... sorry about that, so sad.

 Big starfish.

And to be complete, the snorkeling collecting garbage, plus a land expedition.

Carpe diem and have a good day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pet fish

While I can't have a big dog to give a hug every morning onboard, we have another pet, a domesticated fish. He is always around the boat at this bay, Enseada da Fazenda, Angra dos Reis-RJ. He is alone and likes to eat Pieter's toes and cream crackers. Well, we dubbed him Pieter.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Spicy Thai Chicken

This is the spicy thai chicken prepared by Pieter (with curry and coconut). It's so good... and simple.