Monday, September 24, 2012


A Playmobil in the Tocossauro Bar. The place is a surfspot almost a secret spot with only the owner and some surfers. We managed to get ice cold coconut water after a long walk on the beach, wich was a surprise because we were in the midle of nowhere - 4km (beach) to Taipus de Fora and 4km from the famous Ponta do Muta, another perfect and favorite surfpoint at Barra Grande, Península de Maraú, Bahia.
Um Playmobil no Tocossauro Bar. O lugar é um surf spot quase secret onde só estava o dono do bar e alguns surfistas. Ainda conseguimos uma água de côco geladissima depois de tanto caminhar. Foi uma surpresa porque ali é longe de tudo - há 4 km (pela praia) de Taipus de Fora e há 4 km da famosa Ponta do Mutá, outro perfeito e preferido surfpoint da galera na Barra Grande, Península de Maraú, Bahia.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recife, Regata, Refeno (in portuguese and english)

Enfim chegamos a Recife. Nosso veleiro Onda Boa já no Cabanga Iate Clube cuidando  dos ultimos detalhes para a Regata Internacional Recife - Fernando de Noronha, a Refeno 2012, que terá sua largada em 13 de outubro. 
A Marinha já esteve a bordo. Acho que o Onda Boa foi o primeiro de mais de 100 barcos inscritos a receber a tradicional inspeção. Estamos entre as primeiros 10 embarcações que já chegaram. O clube é excelente, atendimento simpático do pessoal, tem piscina, sauna, quadras esportivas, academia completa com instrutores, restaurantes, churrasqueiras... mas o mais divertido é o grande encontro de velejadores de todos os estilos e nacionalidades, que vão todos juntos conhecer um lugar dos sonhos de todo aventureiro, o arquipélago de águas cristalinas de Fernando de Noronha. Sem falar na simpatia do pessoal aqui, nós mal colocamos nosso "nariz" (gurupés) dentro de Recife chegando aqui domingo quase de noite e com chuva depois de uma travessia intensa, e já recebemos cordialmente uma ajuda pelo VHF de um outro catamarã, o Zen, entrando no canal no mesmo momento que a gente: "Atento Onda Boa, está chegando pra Refeno? Precisam de alguma orientação para chegar ao Cabanga?"
Bons ventos a todos que estão chegando.

So we did arrive in Recife. The Onda Boa already at the Cabanga Iate Clube, and we are taking care of the details with regards the International Regata Recife- Fernando de Noronha (Refeno 2012), which will start  on Oct 13th.
We already were visited by the Marine, and think that we were the first of abt 100 vessels to get inspected. With us are 10 other vessels that will participate and arrived before us. The Yacht club is great, excellent service and helpfull staff, a pool, sauna, soccer, tennis and other sport spaces, a well equipped gym with trainers, restaurants, bbq locations... but the best thing is meeting the other sailboats and their crews of different places and nationalities, all going to explore and adventure the dream location with its pristine clear waters of Fernando de Noronha.
When we were arriving in Recife, just turning into the inside waterway (with some wind and some rain), after a heroic passage from Maceio to Recife (115 nm), we were greeted over the VHF radio by another sailing Cat (Zen) who was just behind us: " Atention Onda Boa, you guys are going to participate at the Refeno?" You need some help to get to the Cabanga Iate Clube?...." Actualy we didnt, but it was a very nice welcome.

Anyway, fair winds to all who are arriving in Recife.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Snap... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends,

Let there be no misunderstanding: we are no fishers....We understand the importance of catching a fish every now and again, especialy on long sailing passages but we actualy fake to fish, with a nice big rusty hook, kind of hidden in what is supposed to look like a yellow hairy octopus. (i will kill the catch with tetanus..) so obviously we don't catch anything. As we want to be able to post one of those  victorious pics holding by its tail a big nice dourado or tuna fish, we invested in proper artificial bait. This thing set us back R$ 50, and the shop owner gave us the stainless steel line and everything. We were ready to go and catch some serious fish..
So, a few days later, on our way sailing to Salvador from Morro de Sao Paulo i decided to try our new bait... All of a sudden the reel made noise and almost immediately reach the end of the line... No time to slow down the boat (i think that the actual catch (.. a biiigggg one....) stopped the boat... anyway, tried to real in this enormous fish and then Snap...!!! the tension on the line became way too light...I feel sad about the fact that now a big fish near the waters of Salvador is showing of its new piercing.. Anyway, we will be back with better gear (stay tuned for the pics with fish..)


Sunday, September 02, 2012


Dear friends,

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon, a walk on the beach, Ponta do Curral, just oposite Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia. Just above the high water line, a great number of PET bottles and other plastic garbage...

In a feable attempt Cris and I tried to gather the mess, but it was just too much... Whilst collecting, we wondered: If these PET bottles would be worth money (as is the case with alu cans recycling here in Brazil) no one would toss them away, and even so, people would go and collect and turn it  into money.

Simple solution. I know of various countries where you pay a few pennies more when buying a PET bottle, and you get it back upon returning the empty bottle. So, why is this not done by the softdrink companies here in Brazil?

Take care,