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Angra dos Reis (RJ) for cruisers

Approach Shopping Piratas Angra dos Reis RJ

Town centre of Angra dos Reis 
Angra dos Reis Marina Clube
This post contains some nautical tips and hints regarding Angra dos Reis
A lot of cruisers will have to go to this town todo paper work (port authorities, federal police etc). Also Angra has a couple of shops
specialized in nautical stuff and equipment (like "Naim Nautica ("  its neighbor "Lojas Globo"and "Rafa Pesca e Nautica" all on the same boulevard facing the water.


Entering the bay you will see that the major part of the town sprawls out into the mountains surrounding the town, on your port side. The white church is the centre of town. Right at your bow you will see the Shopping Piratas (this is the best thing: you can actually navigate inside the "pool", tie up your boat on your starboard side, do shopping (groceries at the Zona Sul Supermarket there) and stock up.. (downside: the supermarket is expensive compared to the ones in the centre of town, but the comfort is well worth it...) other downside: they have planned and developed this project well, but forgot about a little thing called: waste water/ you just can imagine the water (and stench).
There are three major Marinas: One inside the above mentioned pool of the Shopping Piratas (as far as I know, there are no free slips available for visitors),  Aquidaba (mostly power boats, right next to the Shopping Piratas, again members only, and there is the Angra dos Reis Marina Clube ( Depending on the time of the year, but usually they have some moorings available and you would need to talk with the owner of the mooring for rental agreements. You can also leave your boat on their pier, but you will need to negotiate a fee.

Apart from the Angra dos Reis Marina Clube, you also can anchor out right in front the old town centre or in front of the above mentioned Shopping Piratas.
The dingy ride to the old town centre can be sometimes adventurous, especially when it comes to tie up your dingy at low tide (I ended up making friends with some locals, and they would sort of kind of keep an eye on my dingy... (actually never had any issues) and the climb up the shaky ladder to get on the pier.... what can i say.... ). There is a pier that is used for the ferry that goes to Ilha Grande, but apparently you can only use it for say 20 minutes...Maybe just enough time to go the Red Economia Supermarket just across the busy avenida.

Fuel, water and ice:
Right in front the town centre is a floating petrol station (nowadays from Shell I believe). Sorry, no credit cards and no water, just diesel or gasoline. At the Ipiranga gas station right at the entrance of the Shopping Piratas (you can actually stay on the outside of the small dam like construction for fuel etc.. Here they also have water and ice... but... no credit cards... (at this facility the diesel and gasoline are more expensive than the other stations in town.
Right at the small fish market in the old town centre is also a BR petrol station, but you would have to back up with your stern and anchor, as the concrete wall and big old black tiers will leave you with unwanted souvenirs of Angra.

Things to do: 
There is not really a lot to do in Angra... You only need to be here for: groceries, fuel, water (ice) a bank and your nautical gear shops for small maintenance items, all of this for preparations to stay for as long as you can in the Ilha Grande Bay (see our other posts and check for the tag: Angra dos Reis 

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