Friday, May 11, 2012

About maintenance, rivets and epoxi glue...

These days busy with some backlogged maintenance on the boat. So, for those of you who think that it is all about stunning sunsets, cocktails and relax... These days we are talking
literally: blood, sweat and no tears...
The to-do list is something strange: I cross one item of the list, and almost automatically two new items appear. I am trying to concentrate on the most urgent (can't wait) items. 
Like: after three years of intensive use, the service batteries were gone.. and so  replaced those. 
Changing fuel filters (Onda Boa is blessed with four of those: two permanent and two disposable) and I can't think of anything more pleasant than working in a cramped space, trying not to spill diesel all over the place (who did design these motors? Hint: how about projecting the filters, the raw water pump, and all that other stuff that normally breaks on easy to reach location on the motor block..? That can't be too hard to do..
In Buzios, during a 30+knot wind, the sun cover/roof was almost ripped of the boat (see this post) and so the whole structure was kind of damaged. With the help of new rivets (by the way the person that invented this (rivet)did he/she get a Nobel price or anything like that?), and epoxi glue and glassfibre, I want to believe that things are again safe and sturdy. Enough writing for today, need to go back to my next assignment: installing new hoses (cooling water) on the motors... Can't wait... Bye for now and have fun...

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