Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sailing to Jamaica and Cuba… Your chance


Dear friends,

So, yes, here is a great oportunity… Join us in our voyage from Aruba to Jamaica (Estimated time of departure from Aruba 18/12/13). It will be a 2 day (and night) voyage, we pretend to spend some time mainly on the northern shores of Jamaica (Port Antonio, Ocho Rios and MontegoBay amongst others). Should have plenty of time to pick up the vibes (rum, music, food etc etc..). Then after say 8-10 days, on our way for an overnight sail to Cuba (Cienfuegos). Christmass in Jamaica, and/or New Year in Cuba… Does that sound like a plan?… Anyway, think about it.. You either stay put in the cold and the grey, or…. Contact us to discuss details.


CubaCienfuegos Cuba

Note: as we have not been to these wonderfull places, I have used some pics free of the net and the sources are marked on the images, so I hope the owner(s) agree.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Ho Ho Ho…



  1. stormy wetter around the pacific those days

    1. Hi.. and thanks for your input.. However I am not sure if i follow what you say... We are making our trip in the Caribbean Sea, after the hurricane season... So...


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