Monday, October 29, 2012

Fernando de Noronha - Impressions from another paradise

Dear friends,

Competing in the regata Refeno has also another plus: we could stay for 5 days at the Island. In order to protect the unique wildlife/waters etc practically the whole Island became a wildlife park (and several fees have to be paid...) but it is worth it. We wanted to stay longer, but these 5 days have been enough to make a great impression, and in the future we would like to return. Also with thanks to Nadia, Marilene and Luis Otavio for their pics.

Two Brothers - Fernando de Noronha. Dedicated to my Brother

Great diving with Atlantis Divers - Fernando de Noronha

Great diving with Atlantis Divers - Fernando de Noronha


  1. Fantastic photos! We'd absolutely love to visit that place!



  2. Hi Mike, Glad you like the photos... Indeed, Fernando de Noronha is a wonderful place. You should plan ahead of when you would like to visit, as some months are better than others (wind direction, swell etc).
    All the best,


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