Saturday, November 10, 2012

Escape from the RatRace

Dear friends,
Coincidence or not, last week I received two emails from different persons, with almost the same contents. A CEO of a company in Sao Paulo who told me he actualy hated the job, the city, the traffic and his dream was to kick the proverbial bucket and do what we have done.. go out sailing. Another, wanting to learn how to sail a Catamaran, and planning “soon” his way out.. a hughe lifestyle change…”just like you guys have done…”
Here in Natal,
a great number of boat people (families) with igual dreams, spirits: the great thing that bonds: thirst for freedom, liberty, glad to have left behind the rat race, the Big Consuming, the dirt, traffic, crime, the polution.. to be able to cast of the lines and enjoy..
Now let there be no mistake, and I certainly don’t want to paint a too bright of picture of this re-shaping/re-styling your lifestyle into a liveaboard.. There are some challenges to concider (ranging from non stop boat maintenance, some times rough weather and waves, water and electric limitations…anyway you get the picture) But all of these challenges can be learned, avoided or dealt with one way or the other.
Now, the upside by far outways the downside… It all starts with an idea, a dream if you will, and one day you wake up.. and you feel the universe conspired in your favour: the last piece of the puzzle falls into place.. You ARE in control of your life, You ARE free to take the decision of what you want to do with the rest of your life. Most people are content with urban lifestyle, but if you are not… Change… Life is too short to spend time on things you dont like, things that drive you further away from your goal, or worse that make you paralized. Now, it goes without saying: it does help to create a goal, something you feel is worth living for and then just go for it. Usualy you are able to come with a bunch of solid reasons not to change: mortgage, the second car, the bills, the education, the shopping mall, the neighbours/family… Actualy they are not reasons, they are excuses of not taking the bull by the horns, shift through of what realy is important for you (and your  family: i see a lot of families on their boats, with their kids, enjoying quality time, great family bonds, giving the kids a great education. So, there you have it: It Simply Can Be Done… And I know to even start thinking of change, to let go of the illusionary comfort of your apartment/job/land life scares most people, but it is do-able and as I said before the upside by far outways the downside (if any).
Anyway, do yourself a favour: take some time for your self, meditate, re-concider, evaluate and be honest.. the rest will follow…



  1. How right you are!

    Last month I wrote a post similar on my site [] regarding the rat race, or hamster wheel as I termed it.

    I'm three years from breaking away and I'm looking more forward to it every single day!

    Glad I found your site. Will definitely be following you!



    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comments... rat race, hamster wheel indeed same idea... I realy hope for you that during the next three years, you will be able to get organized and live your dream... It may seem a hughe hurdle, but believe me the moment you cast of your lines.... Things will never be the same again.. Enjoy and thanks for following us... We will add your blog aswell...
      All the best

  2. Lieve Piet,
    Commenting in English on a text as the one above, not a piece of cake, but, I enjoy my life, with my husband, my dogs, my house, my work and I am so glad and proud that you did what you had to do!


    1. Hey Jan, thanks for being here.. and thanks for your comments. I am happy for you, as you clearly are not running the rat race...Keep enjoying... Love Pieter


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