Monday, January 21, 2013

Almost ready…

Dear Friends,
From a hot and steamy Trinidad, some pics to show what has been done so far… A big thanks to my friend Rodrigo, great support, help, and solutions…
Hopefully the Onda Boa can go back into the water this wednesday…
Check it out, here is the new installed Spectra WaterMaker
It runs of 12 V, and produces aprox 40 liters/hour, fresh water out of the seawater and in order to have enough energy to do this,   two more solar panels (now 5 in total) have been installed.
Also, the two halyards (of the main sail and the genaker sail) have been replaced
Now, Onda Boa starts looking like new..
Almost every day, visiting the nautical gear shops (spending $$ on equipements, parts and so on), working in the tropical heat, boat getting dirty (dust) and looking like a mess (despite the efforts to keep everything clean..) I am done with being on the land, and even Lucky seems to ask.. Are we finished yet….??
Stay tuned for more updates…
All the best

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