Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Floats….

Dear Friends,

This morning, the skilfull staff of Peake Yachts Service, put the Onda Boa back to where she belongs. Yes…  she is floating again, and we can enjoy for the next 5 days, the pier, and facilities here at Peakes.

The last 16 days have been rather strange actualy.. A lot was acomplished, we have worked hard, the boat became almost un-liveable.. I mean, dirty (dust, and mud from the ground), tools, towels and hardware all over the place, everything seemed (and felt) out of sync.

Anyway, all of that is history now. This afternoon, we gave the boat a good wash, so at least the outside is looking as it should be. Even Lucky was cought in the cleaning and wash up, and she is scheduled for a nice shampoo bath and clean up tomorrow... (needed badly…)Still tonnes of other things on the do-list but hey.. Onda Boa is back and looks great…



All the best

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