Monday, June 03, 2013

News from the Volcano, Dominica… (part 3)


Dear friends,

With a group of 12 (from 4 different sailboats), the hike was to the so called Boiling Lake. An old, or is it only dormant, volcano features a rather large lake formed in its crater… being face to face with those geothermal forces is awesome… rather difficult to express the emotion. Seeing (and smelling) up close and personal boiling water and mud in different pools, and almost getting intoxicated by the sulphur fumes…being on top of an enormous amount of energy….One has to admit that it is all about energy.. It took three hours to go up, and almost the same to go down…that also took a lot of energy, it was indeed a rather heavy hike, making the climb up Mount Scenery in Saba look like a walk in the park….

As the weather wasn't so good, my pictures didn't come out all that well. I suggest to check  out on Google Earth (Dominica) and locate pictures from the Boiling Lake (East from Roseau).. awesome..



I made a very short film, and you can check it out here:

This Island does not feature relaxed snow white beaches and so on (maybe there are, but this time wasn’t able to explore), but certainly for those of you that like unspoiled nature you really should check it out. In fact you can actually hike across the island as there are very good hiking trails.

Today, goodbye to Dominica and its wonderful nature, and so friendly people. Next stop, Martinique…

Have a great week, and enjoy

Best regards,


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