Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sailing “Holiday” Sensation

Dear Friends,
Every now and again, I am asked these questions: Where are you from? (I was born in Holland…. “Ah.. I thought so, the accent…”.. and Where do you live? (depending on the time available I have a longer or a shorter answer:.. “I have lived the last 15 years in Brazil….(“ah.. Brazil… how nice” and the last 4 years on a sailboat and involved in the charter business, and so wanted to expand the horizon and am now here in the Caribbean…(this is the start of the longer answer)… or: …”I live on a sailboat, who happens to be here in the Caribbean..” (the short answer).
Most systems in place, practiced on land, for people on land, don’t really work well for people on boats. System meaning: (mail) address, proof of address, official stuff.. you know the controllable things…After a couple of years we all are getting good in dodging those (government) control curve balls they throw and we just keep on sailing….
Also, unlike people that travel by plane, bus or car to a holiday destination, cruisers actually never leave “home” and yet can travel to all these different destinations. All in the comfort of your own place and still experience the ultimate “holiday” experience. That is a unique situation. I guess our motorhome/trailer friends kind of experience the same, although usually the roads and directions are already cut out and thought off before.
“Life is too short to sweat the small stuff… “ I read the other day on a sailboat, it was a tribute to a fellow sailor…
Have a great day, and all the best

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