Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Los Aves Sotavento, Venezuela


Dear Friends,

Just island hopping, on our way to Bonaire, we also visited this last island archipel. On  approach the Coast Guard called in and we were cleared to anchor of Isla das Palmas.


Windy, but kind of protected.  We saw heaps, i mean literaly mountains of conch shells... somebody had themselves a great conch meat party... and of course the windward side of P1040416P1040419

the island full of debris and PET bottles.



Some fishermen came by and we swapped a bottle of Grenada rum for two Dog snappers.

The next day, for security reasons (as the wind was blowing hard and we were kind of anchored wedged in between two coral shoals), i decided to re-anchor to a somewhat more protected spot.


During a snorkel  i spotted a gigantic lobster, took some pics to show to Dora (who had stayed on board), and bravely  she geared up to catch the animal (bare handed??). By the time we got back, the monster was gone.

The winds picked up but we were in a good place.



Early the next morning, at Sunrise, we set sail to Bonaire...

Do well…

Best regards


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