Monday, October 28, 2013

The flip side of paradise

Dear friends,

Before we continue posting about our travels, this post is about something else. We don't want to create the false impression that we are just bumming around, holiday 24/7, and not a worry on our minds...Boat maintenance, repairs, and things that were working absolutely perfect yesterday, but crashed today.... All of that and more, also make part of the livingaboard experience, and we just deal with it, the moment those kind of issues appear. 
Truth must be told: fixing things on a boat is still better in the tropics then in higher latitudes...
Here a current to do list:
* checking battery bank, and organizing shorepower hook up
* solving fresh watertank puzzle ( seems we cant use the starboard tank for some mysterious reason)
* DVD repair
* verifying solarpanel electrical production
* changing oil and fuel filters ( on of my favourites)
* fixing the washdown pressure pump
* fixing the ice box compartement of the fridge
* fixing the dinghy... It is leaking(slowly), and now everytime before using I have to pump it up...

You guys get the picture.... In the meantime it doesn't stop us from going to new places, checking different cultures, food and meeting people.

Battery bank, still ok?

Flat dinghy

A great week to all.

Best regards


  1. Good thing to remember....projects will ALWAYS be present on the boat, but as you mentioned, doing those projects in a much nicer locale is the way to do it! :-)


  2. Hello Mike, and thanks for your comments. So true, i have yet to meet somebody on his or her boat, with 0 projects... I try to classify projects in three groups: 1 Urgent... need immediate attention... (hardly any of those have occured), 2... If it aint broken, dont fix it... as in... would need to do, but not urgent (big group) and 3 Cosmetic (not urgent, not functional, but it just would look nice...)

  3. That's a good system of classification, I think.

    We just purchased our first boat and I've got several projects going at once. Most are in the "need to do, but not urgent" category.

    The boat sails and we can still enjoy that on the weekends even though on my spare time during the week I'm up to my eyeballs in one project or another.



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