Monday, December 30, 2013

About Jamaica, Bob Marley, Kaya and Kingston

Dear Friends,
And so we took a bus from Ocho Rios to Kingston, with the Knutsford Express ( Nice bus, good airco, free water and even a movie… The 90 km, took us abt 2,5 hours.. The ride takes you over some mountain ridges, all very green, very lush and tropical.  At the final busstop, we accepted an offer of a taxi driver to get us to the Bob Marley Museum. For an hour we were guided through the house where the legend lived and even recorded (and literaly produced the vinyl) some albums. He died too young of a neglected skin cancer (so they say, there are however other theories abt his death..), 36 years of age. The best part of the tour was the movie clip session (too short)… A simple message of peace, love, respect and acceptance, together with a little Kaya (beter known as: ganja).. Yeah Mon… (Of course had to buy the Legend CD).
We quickly learned that saturday is kind of a dead day in the capital. Literally nothing happening, and even the taxi driver had a hard time for suggesting a place we (tourists) should go.
So, we strolled along in New Kingston, had some lunch and waited for the bus ride back to Ocho Rios… And so we talked about the country, and little that we know, however some insights came to the surface…I had read that 60% op the population would like for Jamaica to be back under England.. They are independent since 1962, and have had a lot of gang type criminal and political tense situations since then (this is one of the things Bob sings about). As per the stereotype IMF rules and regulations, Jamaica is in big debt with this and other organisations, and consequently, no money left for decent infra structure, housing, education. Jamaica produces enough: Sugar, Bauxiet, Rum, the Tourist industry, but it never seems enough to solve the most burning issues. On top of that, being independent means to work and get your country going. It seems the sense of collectivity is missing in this country (fair enough, we havent spent time here to realy understand the deeper issues of Jamaica, but this is what did appear to us), and this attitude mixed with slogans as: No Problem in Jamaica, Chill and smoke some weed… it is easy to understand that it may take a while before things turn around… Again, we maybe totaly off with this quick Xray and if so, we hope somebody will inform us. The street vendors, restaurants  and taxis are interested in the fast quick dollar, and so they dont seem to be looking at longer term, repeat business.
And, in words of Bob himself… Get Up Stand Up…Stand up for your rights..


  1. Hello Pieter,
    Your trips has been an inspiration during all year, please continue with them and keep going the next new year with this inspiration.
    A big hug,

    1. Ola Erick... Thanks for your nice comments..Ofcourse we continue...In 2014... still to come: Cuba, Dom Rep, PR, BVI'S, St Maarten, Europa.....and back....
      Take care my friend and all the best for 2014


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