Wednesday, December 11, 2013



Dear Friends,

After an open and frank talk between Dora, myself and Lucky, we accepted Lucky’s firm wish to desembarque in Aruba, and live the life of her dreams… Not on a limited floating playground, but the good old steady ground. She wants to run again. And we are happy to have found a good place for her.

I feel that my mission in her life has been completed: She was literally saved from certain death at the dog pound in Natal (Brazil) when rescued right at the gates of dog hell…

Now, Lucky is moving on and so are we…

Run Lucky, be free as you can be..

New adventures for all…



All the best



  1. Looks like she's having a blast of a time!


    1. HI Mike,
      Still, her thing was to run a lot on dry land...


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