Tuesday, March 18, 2014

… And we are back…

Dear friends,

Too much time has passed since my last post, and I wont bore you all with reasons, but just to name a few: little or no internet access in Cuba, a madening voyage of intotal  over 900 nm to get from Cuba to the BVI’s beating against the Tradewinds, which included the total loss of our Genoa sail… and yes, also severe engine issues (picture this: dirty diesel tank, bad quality diesel and so clogged up primary fuel filters, and all this in a fresh breeze of 28 knot winds of the coast of the Dominican Republic).

Anyhow, we will get to the details… In the next coming posts, I will try to play catch up without omitting the essence of the places we have been and the adventures and events that took place.

As a final conclusion: Sailing back from Cuba (Cienfuegos) to the BVI’s, yes it is do-able (have to have smooth engines and prepared to motor sail most of the time), however we won’t be doing that again. Just too much stress and discomfort.




Stay tuned for more detailed updates and loads of pics (and some movies)…

Have fun


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