Friday, March 21, 2014

Charter in Cuba


We now had to prepare ourselves for a charter we had sold. Casper from Holland decided to sail for a week with us in Cuba. To get all the ingredients and try to stock up for this charter was not an easy task, and involved numerous trips to the farmers market, a visit to a clandestine shrimp and lobster outlet and roaming the streets looking for items in different sized shops/(super)markets. We managed and were able to welcome Casper on board with our signature Onda Boa style reception.

The next days we sailed (not a lot of wind) to various towns and locations. Including Trinidad, one of Cubas oldest cities. The marina in Cacilda was great… brand new piers and slips. The entrance is very shallow so for boats with 2 m draft or more, I guess it wont be possible to reach. Some fantastic little islands were explored, some great snorkeling on the reefs as well. Fresh fish and lobster were bartered on the open seas by a fisher boat… Tshirt from Brazil, a bottle of rum, some toothpaste (!!!!), soap and laundry detergent. Wonderful. The week flew by and we got Casper back on time in Cacilda for his taxi ride back to the Varadeiro Airport.

And we…. on our way back east… to Cayo Anclitas…Jardines de La Reina, Cuba.







And a big thanks to Casper, who was a wonderful guest and… chef de cuisine as it turned out….

Take care



  1. Beautiful series of photos.

    1. Thank you Linda, glad you enjoy... stay tuned for more Best rgds Pieter


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