Monday, April 07, 2014

Cabo Cruz, Cuba


Dear Friends,

Staying rather close to the mainland of Cuba, we sailed/motorsailed overnight from Cayo Anclitas to Cabo Cruz… calm seas and just a little head wind, we arrived in the early afternoon.

Anchorage was great… nice breeze, but no swell as we had protection from the reef that extends out from the mainland. Over the VHF radio somebody summoned us to check in with the Guarda Frontera.. so, after lunch we tried to locate the officials. Cabo Cruz is just one main road, some scattered houses, fishermen, a school and that is basically it. When we found the official looking person, it turned out they just wanted to chat, and asked if we had seen small fisher boats on the way in.. (actualy did, but said i am not a spy…)

Back to the boat, a guy came swimming out offering lobster and fish.. we got rid of our last CUC money and took the lobster… Clear waters, did some snorkeling and had a nice and quiet evening…Sometimes things are just that nice and easy…sunset on the boat, great company, some lobster…all great ..(little did we know about our adventures ahead)…



Progress in Cuba                                                   Protection behind the reef, Cabo Cruz


Cabo Cruz from the anchorage                           Busy mainstreet Cabo Cruz



Not much else to do…                                       Fidel, Fidel..


Modern and well designed dinghy dock                               Hello…



          Gracias Cuba.. Hope the future will be good to you and your people…


Sail on…



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