Friday, April 04, 2014

Cayo das Anclitas, Jardines de La Reina, Cuba

Dear friends,

Against the wind (ofcourse) we reached Cayo das Anclitas, in the island archipel of Jardines de la Reina. In this location there is a floating Hotel/resort catering for Scuba divers and sport fishing, A great setting, great staff and… wifi internet connection…. Life is good. We joined a group of 6 scuba divers for two dives on the reefs… Awesome… Caribbean reef sharks all around, massive Mero`s, Tarpon`s etc etc.. Check the YouTube video here:

We had to leave this diving paradise after two days, it was a great experience, and a special thanks to Antonio, who not only managed to get us joining the Resort scuba diving group, but also was so kind to supply us with a bag full of fresh produce (fruits, tomatoes, unions etc etc).

Hotel Tortuga Dive ResortDCIM\100GOPRO

Hotel Tortuga Dive Resort                           Hello…Just smile and and wave



Gracious, calm almost serene (just like the divers…)


Good vibes…..                                             Not so good vibes.. green murray eel…



Never gets stale……                                     A new Cuban friend.. Mero…


Next stop.. Cabo Cruz.. that little SE point of Cuba…

Enjoy what you do…


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