Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.March 2014


Dear friends,

After a quiet overnight sail(we did stop in Salinas, but was an uneventful stay, we took in fresh water, and used the internet connection of the only hotel in the bay) , we arrived in Boca Chica and decided to anchor at the Zarpar Marina. Tip top class out fit. Great and helpful staff. As the free cruising guide author Frank Virgintino has this as his base marina, he actually threw a great party for all cruisers at the marina. Great local food and drinks… a big thanks to Frank and his staff.

We endulged in going to a real supermarket, so that was awesome and restocked. We went and explored (using our bikes) the surroundings and found that here the population should educate themselves on proper waste management because garbage was flying around everywhere.

We also visited the capital Santo Domingo. We walked around a lot in the hussle and bussle of the town. Needed to get new fuel filters so that took us basically all day. We also visited a modern shopping… It was already dark, when we caught the bus back to Boca Chica. We were able to cram our selves in the last seats in the back of the bus. More passengers entered, and a funny situation occurred as two more rather heavy built guys, according to the instructions of the bus driver, were suppose to take seat next to me… except there wasn’t a seat available. Our friend insisted however, because the bus driver told him so. And so he tried to squeeze himself in, and as the first law of Sir Isaac Newton tells us… two bodies cannot occupy the same space… this wasn’t going to work. In fact I invited the guy to sit on my knee, but that was harsly denied, and all of sudden it turned into a rather tense discussion on race, color etc.. spiked by a drunk passenger as well. So, we were glad we arrived back in Boca Chica.

After months of not having seen a hair salon from the inside, it was Dora`s treat to go to hairdresser/nail salon… I used that time to bike around town and check out the location.

It was time to leave Boca Chica, and head for La Romana, Marina Casa de Campo.



Zarpar Marina in Boca Chica..1st class                Designed and managed by a sailor.. Good stuff



Franks Party                                     Zarpar Marina                     Happy Dora


Warm Regards,


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