Monday, July 28, 2014

Isla Beata, Dominican Republic. March 2014



Dear friends,

We arrived in the late afternoon in the protected anchorage of the Island. This little gem of an island is a temporary home for a fishing community. There is even a coast guard on duty. But all very calm and relaxed.

There were three other boats in the anchorage, Marc and his family on a 46ft Nautitec Cat, our friends Jan and Giovanni on SV Ja, and another sailboat.

In the morning, Dora was hoisted up the mast to cut away of what was left of the genoa. Not an easy task, as up there the winds were still gusting. After a couple of hours, we had been able to clear everything. Then we went on to explore the island and met a local called Gringo. He not only sold freshly caught fish to Haiti, but also run a little supermarket in the fisher village. He gave us a bag full of fish and we had pleasant talks with him and his friends.

As we had a lot of fish, we invited Jan and Giovanni over for dinner on the Onda Boa. It turned out to be a very pleasant evening, good food, drinks and great company. After all the hardship we had endured, it was just nice to be able to relax, kick back and enjoy the good things that come with the cruising lifestyle.


Dora removing the shredded genoa                     …..but also admiring the view…



Nice look from above                                                 … and on the ground…


Be cool


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