Thursday, February 02, 2012

The 36 knots adventure!

It's always an adventure to sail in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro. It is no wonder that this region is known for having excellent conditions for wind sports. Well, we were excited to sail on one of the few days off we have, and Pieter did not want to miss the opportunity to give me more practical lessons on the art of sailing.  

At the beginning, after lifting anchor, we were raising the main sail (master sail), this was in front of the Yacht Club of Buzios, and we faced the first challenge of this adventure, a gust forced the main to one side and ripped one of the suporting lines of the lazyjack, its sail cover. From this I learned that to raise the main sail the boat has to be pointed in the wind.

Then, out of the bay an another gust, the cover of the GPS is blown overboard: it took us 10 minutes to rescue the little adventurer cover.
After half an hour sailing with wind speed between 30 and 36 knots, boat speed between 7 and 9 knots, another gust tangled ​​the loose part of the lazyjack (the one back there that we think it didn't offer more risk) to the bimini (ceiling) and almost ripped the bimini struture off the boat, as you can see on the pictures. With cables we made
a very macGyver solution, and returned quickly to anchor and to safety. By now we had sufficient adrenaline (and damage) that are necessary for every human being growth.

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