Monday, February 13, 2012

Does it Flow? The Comar Systems AIS

For safe navigation, the Onda Boa is equipped with a Radar, a GPS (and Chartplotter), and also a VHF Radio, a SSB radio, an EPIRB and PLB... In other posts i will talk about those pieces of safety equipment separately. This post will be about an AIS system (Automatic Identification System) that was recently installed. These two small boxes (one is a VHF signal splitter, and the other is the actual AIS) are easily installed. The system uses the VHF signal, and works like the type of transponders that commercial planes also uses. So, now we get instantly on our Chartplotter screen detailed info about the commercial vessels around us. Name, destination, speed, heading etc etc... It is a really good safety feature as it gives precise and in real time the info you  need. Now, we can either communicate with the vessel, or decide to change course if need be.
Brand: Comar Systems (
(In contact with the supplier in order to verify an installation issue: prompt and to the point email exchange, so after sales at its best)..

This piece of equipment definitely Flows...

Stay Safe....

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