Monday, February 06, 2012

Plan B: A nautical lesson for CEO's

So, the other day we were doing a day charter, and we had 10 business people on board, some of them were CEO of their companies. All was great, a good breeze, chilled champagne, cold beers.... Ancored near an island, a little bay giving some shelter against the wind. More champagne, snacks and beers and lots of business talk (aparently...).

When wheighing the ancor,  something was wrong, the electrical winch had a rough time in pulling up the chain and ancor, and  it became clear why: a big rock was wedged/stuck between the ancor and the chain. By hand it was not possible to move the rock and in this situation, the ancor couldnt be used anymore....
Sailing towards another ancorage, another solution had to be organized.... Plan B if you will...

For safety reasons, we have three ancors on board, so  another ancor was prepared (lines attached etc) and thought through how and where i would ancor. (Ancorage was necessary, in order to  get the rock out of the primary ancor)... The plan worked well, and in no time all was back to normal.

The lesson to learn is that you always have to have a plan B ready. If your original plan gets busted,  stuck, stranded or the wind changes (all of this can happen with your company/business plan etc right...?) then what do you do? Plan B should be ready to deploy. No reason for panic nor dispair.

Succes with what you do...

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