Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Boat

Some pictures of the 40ft Sailing Catamaran, we call home... She is a french designed boat (Fountaine-Pajot), comfortable, safe and easy to sail.
Living aboard a boat, doesn't mean to camp out... 
We have hot and cold water in our two shower/toilet cabines (and also an external hot and cold shower), a fridge, a freezer, stove and oven, TV (no satelite), DVD and sound. Three cabines with double beds, a spacious "living"/salon, including the kitchen area, and outside lots of space to either be in the sun or shelter from it.
The energy we use on board is supplied by three solar panels and from the motors (volvo penta, 2 motors consuming at 2000 rpm, aprox 2 liters of diesel each) and stored in a total of 6 batteries. Some equipment we use on board is 220 V (like the TV and so to transform the 12 V from the batteries, we use an inverter) and so we also use other electrical equipment: food processor for instance. We could but haven't a microwave... the great thing about living on board is that we have the time to our selves, so no hurry to prepare a decent meal or make popcorn.
In order to be able to use a hair drier, I would need to intall a much larger inverter, and so that is on our to do/to purchase list.
In all fairness, we would have liked a larger freshwater tank cappacity, but then again you can't have it all. We do capture rain water that goes into the fresh water tank.
All in all, once living on board, one gets really concious about how much energy and water you use.
Last but not least, laundry. Well for now we use laundromats on land. Not the cheapest solution, but it is practical and of course the dry-fit shirts etc are easy to hand wash and they are dry in a second. Maybe in the future we might think of getting a small washing machine??
Oh yes and ofcourse: This FP Catamaran, definately flows, and we hope she will for a long long time!


  1. Oi gente acabamos indo sem um abraço. Já estamos em Prickly Bay (Grenada) e com saudades. Ficamos felizes sabendo que novamente estão flutuando.
    Grande abraço
    Daniel e Drika

    1. Ola Drika e Daniel,

      Obrigado, e sim feliz para estar na agua de novo. Vamos manter contato. Td de bom p vcs.


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