Friday, November 21, 2014

A Coruna to Porto to Cascais. Sept 2014.


Dear Friends,

Sure enough.. favorable winds.. so much so… that it was straight from the stern… Personally one of the most unstable wind directions… And during a maneuver to keep the beam on port and the genoa on starboard, of course an involuntary gibe and the line keeping the beam up, snapped… It took some cursing, and now steering against the wind and waves, took a nice salty shower, but together we managed to untangle the line and I was able to connect the line back to the beam again. Now, mainsail down, just the genoa, and soon order was restored. It was a nice sail all the way down to Porto. We arrived on Thursday back to Douro Marina. We went straight to the Supermarket to restock. The next day I stayed on board to take care of some repairs, and Dora went to get her haircut (finally)… The afternoon went down town to purchase a nice inventory of Port wine, bubbles and Vinho Verde, all that duly delivered to the SV Lumina the next day. I got a new cooking gas bottle (11 kg, from Repsol, Euro 25, these bottles are awesome, as they are made of polyeth and glas fibre..).

In the afternoon we left for Cascais… a nice breeze, just the genoa and no seas…life is good.

A great late lunch and some port wine of course and because of the calm seas we even watched the newest episode of the BlackList.

The winds were weak and so I decided to stop at Peniche (around there is a mine field of fishing pots and lines, just waiting to foul up or props…). A couple of miles before Peniche, weather was building up, all around us thunderstorms and lightning… We barely made it inside the protected harbor, dodging still various fishing pots, but to our luck no severe weather upon us, just some rain. On the way up three months ago we also overnighted in Peniche (also arriving with rain…). Some dinner, hot shower and to sleep.

The next day, bright and sunny, and on our way for the last 40 miles to Cascais. Very light Northern winds, the sea as flat as ever… although dodged several fishing pots , a floating bunch of lines fouled up our port prop… Hmm. Water was cold, but had to free the prop and make sure no lines where still around the prop.. Let us say it was refreshing… In the evening we arrived in Cascais, and anchored out next to the marina.

To stretch our legs, went to shore and tried to locate a dentist, as Dora had lost a filling and needed an emergency treatment.

Had a nice late night dinner in a typical seafood restaurant, all was great, but their seafood pate as a starter created some bowel issues later on….


Nice sunset near Peniche                                   Just waiting to foul up your prop…


Lovely Sunday morning dive…                           and the result….



Anchorage in Cascais                                          ……we love this place..


Be good


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