Friday, November 07, 2014

Falmouth to Dover. July 2014.

Dear Friends,
Tide tables, we tried it, calculated it, tried to understand it, but by the time that all is said and done, we came to understand that the concept is rather simple: the tide is either in your favor, or the tide is against you (mostly against you…). In our favor (some 6 hours) we gain almost 2 knots, otherwise you loose those 2 knots. Of course light head winds, trying to sail but we saw better results in motor sailing. Our strategy was that if the current was becoming too strong, we would drop the hook nearby a coastal town or so and wait for 6 hours… This plan never had to be executed and so we ploughed on to Dover . (Watching the white cliffs coming closer, Dirk even hummed a song abt these white cliffs..)
We went inside the Dover Marina, to refuel, but didn’t want to stay inside, as they use a lock system, and only around 9 o clock in the morning the lock would be opened. We anchored outside, and tried to set up an expedition to land (more luke warm beer and more fish, fat and chips perhaps??). Then, trying to put some air back into the battered and worn out dinghy, it became clear…. Damaged beyond repair… so even if we tried, we couldn’t make it to shore.
Not to worry, Dora was preparing a great pasta dish, when we got raided by the British coast guard. Very descent, but thorough guys. No messing around (including drug testing kits). All was good and in order and they left abt 20 minutes later (didn’t want to stay for a late lunch).
The plan was to leave the next morning at day break… The final stretch to IJmuiden…
Sunset Dover Harbour
Take Care

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