Thursday, November 06, 2014

Bayona to Falmouth (UK). July 2014.


Dear Friends,

Crossing the Gulf of Biscaye… I’d heard tales of nasty storms and recollections from my past, watching the weatherforecast when I was a little boy, I vividly recall the weather guy talking about yet another depression in the Gulf of Biscaye… Nothing ever good would come from this place. Well, our forecast was rather positive for us at least no storms predicted. A lot of local fishing boats, a close encounter with a whale, and flying the Beast in too much wind, resulting in a blowout and therefore unuseable Genaker. We had great meals, watched movies during shifts and in 4 days we had Falmouth in front of us. In some occasions had to use the engines in order to keep at least some descent boat speed.

I hadn’t done my homework properly, and so on arrival in Falmouth, didn’t really know where to go (plenty Marinas…), we finally settled for the easy to reach Penndenis Marina, mind you not cheap, but conveniently located.

The check in procedure was easy and uneventful, and so of we went for our long awaited luke warm beer and of course Fish and Chips.

During the time I spend in Australia, I became fond of this culinary delight, and so our first try here was a bit of a disappointment: both the fish and the chips.. dripping wet with grease… Also the use of vinegar on chips is totally lost on us.

We explored the town, the usual visit to the supermarket, laundry and Dirk trying to grasp the logic of the tide tables…. This was a new thing.. studying… Tide tables…

Well, re stocked, clean clothes.. of we go to Dover…


Port of Falmouth                                                           Our neighbours….




Yep…Luke warm beer for the crew                                Fish and Chips and Grease


Bye Bye


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