Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dover to IJmuiden. July 2014.


Dear Friends,

We were about to cross one of Europe’s busiest shipping traffic lanes and we had to weave our way through this. Again the Comar AIS proved itself again to be one of the most important navigation tools on board. To make our day, fog was upon us. Not only was the busy shipping lane our concern, but also the existence of several windmill farms. The one at the Thorton bank we didn’t see (fog) but certainly heard it, as we came too close I guess.

Around midnight we made the crossing in front of Rotterdam Port, and armed with the AIS information, made it kids play.

Sunday, July 26th 2014, we entered IJmuiden Port, and as Dirk had planned to be picked up by his brother, to rush by car to Germany to surprise celebrate his Dad’s birthday, we tied up nice and easy at Seaport Marina.

It was great to have Dirk along on this rather difficult and technical leg. So, once again, thanks for the support.

Then, we realized that my parents and oldest sister Janty, had come to meet us in IJmuiden, but they thought we would proceed directly through the famous locks. So it took some time and communication to be able to finally meet up. My Friends, what an emotion… So good to see them. We made it, with the SV Onda Boa sailed to Holland. Proud.

They couldn’t stay long, and we were going to see them again the next day, in Lelystad.

Under normal circumstances a piece of cake, to get from IJmuiden to there… but as it turned out… nothing easy at all…


Comar AIS at work… great aid



The long awaited embrace….                             A lot to talk about….



Seaport Marina IJmuiden…                                  Dutch welcome delicacy…French fries, mayonese and Heineken beer


Dutch greetings


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