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SV Lumina Med Tour. Part 2. Oct 2014

Dear Friends,

A fantastic sail, over night to this famous holiday island. We anchored at nice protected bay (pointed out to us by the friendly and helpful staff at the marina in Anguilas). At anchor, our SUP board was rapidly deployed and the fun started. Dora is already a well trained and agile SUP fan, me on the other hand have to practice a lot still, however things are improving rapidly. Of course, during setting up the equipment a rather important plastic piece of the paddle went overboard, and quickly putting on the scuba diving gear, not able to recover it.. lost in or better underneath the sea grass.. Not to worry, kind of fixed the paddle MacGyver style and all went well. During our beach excursion were confronted with nude sunbathers and ladies bare breasted (some indeed should, others maybe not so… )

We went the next day to nearby San Antonio, but couldn’t find a good place to tie up the dinghy, so we decided to head straight for Ibiza town… this was no easy sail, (strong head winds and only the last part of the trip we had a favourable wind, making 7-8 knots speed.

It was already getting dark and we still hadn’t found a nice place to anchor. We ended up dropping the hook nearby a small pier and a bunch of small power boats. I knew this was not the best place, but it was only for one night. Very early the next day we went over the Botafoch Marina (the cheaper option around). Tied up next to a wonderful mega yacht, and met Guilherme (from Curitiba, Brazil) who is crew on this vessel. We had him over for coffee and decided that later on that evening we would join and have dinner to gether.

During the day we explored the old part of town of Ibiza and had lunch in a touristy but famous bodega. Then we walked inside the old city. Wonderful place and luckily the high tourist season is over.

That evening we went with Guilherme and his girlfriend Tammy to a very nice restaurant Sansara. Great food, great company.

The next day we set of early to the island of Formentera, and by trying to eyeball our way thru some shallow waters, almost got SV Lumina stuck on the rocks, but we were able to get us out of this predicament and anchored in front of a lovely beach, with pristine water. SUP deployed and of we went. Great fun. That night we anchored in front of another great beach, very tranquil. We needed some gasoline for the outboard motor and se went to shore and tied up the dinghy at the marina… They didn’t have gasoline but advised us to try the gas station further up the road… Well it was actually a fair bit up the road, and of course, when we arrived there.. the thing was closed (no more tourist, no more action). Not satisfied, we left and spoted a nice anchorage.. just beautiful.. however I must say that it looks all very exotic (bare rocks, some cactus etc…) pristine blue water… In my opinion it just can’t match the lush green islands settings in Ilha Grande and Paraty (Brazil, remember, our previous stomping grounds).

That evening we left Formentera and sailed over night to Mallorca. Our friends Gil and Alepio of SV Baravento suggested to anchor in Santa Ponca Bay… indeed nice and quiet. By bus we went to Palma de Mallorca, to amongst others, organize our passports/visa etc etc (we grosely overstayed Dora’s tourist visum for Europe) .. however it was hard to learn where we had to go with our burocracy. We walked around in the old city centre and dodged in and out those great tapa boutiques.. Boy, these people know how to enjoy a good wine, tapas and olive oil…Lovely. The next day we had to return to finalize the passports… great guys at customs and immigration, no sweat all in order.

So we left the next morning this lovely Island. A pitty we didn’t have more time to explore the NE side of the Island. This will have to do a next time around. We found Mallorca much nicer than Ibiza (and Formentera). It looks greener for starters…


     Baia Cala Bassa, Ibiza                                                       SUP time…



                  Blup time….                                           Holiday Island 



                    The SUP board                                               Ibiza, the old town…..



  Tourist Day..                                                         Near Ibiza town



          Chill….cofee break                                    Chill.. Bubble and Tapas break


There is no better life than a good life                     Beautiful anchorage in Formentera



Santa Ponsa, Mallorca                                         Nice anchorage


         Catedral in Las Palmas                                     Las Palmas


Boats, Yachts, Mega Yachts and more boats in Las Palmas…

To be continued and final part 3.


Have fun


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