Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blackbeard’s favourite hang out–Deshaies

Dear friends,
According to various books, my current anchorage, Deshaies (Guadeloupe) ( was a one of Pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) favourite hangouts. Just waiting for those Spanish Galleons to pass by…
Anyway, today was weather wise not such a good day, strong wind gusts and rain showers slamming through the small anchorage with about 20 sailboats.

So, what does one do.. Well, I had purchased sufficient wifi internet time at the Pelican Store (same place where you do the custom check in thingy) so I spent time looking for pirate related articles, and other internet related tasks.   Still in St Maarten, I had purchased the BitStorm Wifi signal booster antenna. And I must say, that it indeed picks up and boosts the available internet signals. For some you still need login passwords, but visiting the signal provider, drinking a coffee and squeezing the waiter for the password usually  works. So, in the comfort of the Onda Boa I have full internet access.
After lunch, went to shore and forgot that here they do things the French way: most shops etc are closed until 16:00 hrs..I wanted to visit the library, just to see if they have more documents regarding the pirate presence.
Anyway, went back to the boat, took Lucky for a swim…
Tomorrow, weather permitting will go to the small island group on the South West tip of Guadeloupe, Les Saints only 24 miles away.
Stay tuned for new updates..
In the mean time, be good

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