Monday, May 20, 2013

Goat Water… Anyone?

Dear Friends,
As promised, herewith my report on this, apparently, Montserrat delicacy: Goat Water…
Yes, it is exactly that: pieces of goat meat, cooked in a pressure cooker, a little (for my liking way too little) seasoning and it was served in a gravy type sauce.. together with some rice…
That was it… nice, but a little bland, the local hot sauce however, that was a nice burner, and so had to wash it down and cool of with a genuine Guiness Beer (from Ireland of course).
I want to thank Kareen at the Soca Cabana Restaurant, right at the beach in Little Bay, who was so kind to prepare this dish for me.
Tomorrow, off to Guadeloupe.. a 40 nm journey… Please stay tuned for updates..
In the  meantime, a great week for all.

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