Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lush… Shades of Green… Dominica (part 2)


Dear Friends,

It was Alexis, one of the boat boys (a group of people with small wooden power boats, that render all kinds of services to us boat people: selling fruits, taking garbage, selling the national flag, and also selling tours around the island) who sold me todays trip. Our driver and tour guide Winston, went out of his way to show his Island (it seemed that he actually knows everybody we came across..)

…. Lush, shades of green, and really the feel of an unspoiled nature. Of course most of the fruit bearing trees etc we know from Brazil (including the cassava plant, which not only allowed us to eat a delicious cassava bread, but also got me some cassava meal (farinha de mandioca…) a so well used ingredient in the Brazilian Cuisine as well.. So it all really felt home to me today. But it was different.. more green? More rugged? Is that possible..? Check for your self by looking at the album herewith attached…Great Island, great views, great people…

Meanwhile, have fun


2013-05-29 18.28.45

2013-05-29 08.50.222013-05-29 08.55.572013-05-29 09.36.082013-05-29 10.08.502013-05-29 10.18.332013-05-29 10.22.572013-05-29 10.25.232013-05-29 11.43.332013-05-29 11.43.492013-05-29 11.44.202013-05-29 12.40.432013-05-29 12.42.332013-05-29 12.42.502013-05-29 14.31.062013-05-29 14.58.472013-05-29 15.01.212013-05-29 15.01.552013-05-29 15.04.462013-05-29 15.06.542013-05-29 15.09.252013-05-29 15.08.482013-05-29 15.21.192013-05-29 15.26.372013-05-29 16.12.58

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