Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Impressions of the Onda Boa Carib Tour 2013

Dear friends,
For almost three weeks, the Onda Boa had an all female crew.. My sister Anke, her daughter Kim, and two of her friends Krystal and Charlotte, all from the lovely Dutch Island Vlieland. It was great fun, and herewith I want to thank the crew for their participation and patience…
After a broken
anchor hick up still in Simpson Bay (immediately replaced by an oversized Rocna 33), we left for Anguilla (late night supermarket and liquor store buying spree…courtesy of our instant friend called Nurse and his friend.. all of this at the back of his pick up truck…), and from there visited Sandy Island, Prickly Pear Cay, Saba (heroic climb up Mount Scenery), forced stop over in Marigot (some issue with fishing lines caught up in the prop knocking out the oil seals) and so haul out at Bobby’s Mega Yard, then on to Tintamare Island (great sturdy moorings… or maybe not…), then sailing to St Barths (the stumping grounds of the rich and famous..) and on our way humpback whales, and a decent sized tuna like fish… Sailing back to Simpson Bay, St Maarten.


Some group dynamic insights: Ham+Cheese+Macaroni= dinner; usually no (great white) sharks in these waters; coloured reef fish are not to be eaten; it is best to kill a fish with a knife rather than an empty bottle; if you think you are moored at a good mooring, think again and check as what seems is not always what is; it is normal to meet people during a mountain climb who are only in your mind, they don't exists actually; always have the camera ready in order to be able to film slapstick like mooring manoeuvres of fellow sailors; we now know what Fair Winds and Following Seas mean…
It has taken me a couple of weeks to get things back to ‘normal’.. Worked out some motor glitches, made new friends, visited old friends….
All the best

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