Sunday, May 19, 2013

Onda Boa and the Sanctuary of Rock (part 2)

And then there is the story of AIR Studios (owned by Sir George Martin), some of you may know this, but Sir George Martin was the producer of the Beatles. He built this AIR studio on Montserrat and artists like,
The Police, Sting, the Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Dire Straits and my personal favourite rock band Rush have recorded world famous albums in this studio…
Today, the studio is abandoned, falling apart… After Hurricane Hugo, in September 1989 passed over Montserrat, it actually damaged the AIR studio beyond repair. Joe took me inside of what is left of the studio… and all of a sudden I found myself inside the Sanctuary of Rock.. The above mentioned rock icons delivered their best performances…. and of course now the location is a damp, mouldy leftover, but still could imagine how it must have looked like, in fact actually could here some of those famous tunes…. Was I going nuts..?? No, it was Joe, playing some footage of the Police (Every thing she does is magic) this clip was recorded at the AIR Studio in Montserrat. In any event, it was marvellous to have been there and seen this…A great experience…
Then Joe whisked me away and we went to see some other sites of this beautiful island.
All in all, a very pleasant afternoon, and herewith i am thanking Joe again for his fantastic tour.
What can i say.. contemplating this afternoon, as the sun was setting…Montserrat (still) rocks…

If you want to contact Joe Phillip, you can send him an email ( or by VHF (channel 8). Herewith his brochure:

Tomorrow I will stay here, and I will experiment the local dish… Goat Water… Will report back on that… For now, all the best to you all.

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