Monday, May 13, 2013

Meanwhile in the Lagoon……

Dear friends,
This morning, whilst I was doing some errands it occurred to me that something is not really going well, inside the lagoon of St Maarten. Check those pics….
why is it that the authorities (presumably there are authorities on this island) allow those vessel owners to just simply let their property rust and rot at random locations inside the lagoon… It most likely is an environmental hazard, it looks awful and it just one of those thing that shouldn't happen (but they do).. I guess that in some other countries, the owners are tracked down, and get a summon to take their trash somewhere else to a proper place for disposal (no, i don't mean open waters and sink them off…) otherwise they get a heavy fine….
Meanwhile, the lagoon has a novelty…. a new and third bridge across  almost at the French/”Dutch” border..a swing bridge (Dutch engineering ahum…) and actually delivered by the Marietje Andrea  from Delfzijl, a vessel for reasons not known by me sponsored by FC Groningen (Dutch soccer team…)… A big thumbs up for the captain of the vessel as she had to be manoeuvred through the bridge on the “Dutch” side in  Simpson Bay and hardly any room left on both sides… (i saw some people on the bridge literally pushing with their hands, the vessel, in a feeble attempt to clear her from the bridge…)…
And also meanwhile,… preparing for leaving the island in the next days or so.. southbound.. away from the hurricanes…
All the best and keep it real…

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