Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Island, Dominica (part 1)


Dear friends,

Ok, call me ignorant, but up until recently, I had not heard of, or better, not paid attention to this  Island. Not to be mistaken with the Dominican Republic, that is some where else.

Anyway, if you want to have more facts and figures, here you will find it:

This morning after the easy going check out procedure in Bourg des Saintes, and under a cloudy sky and a fresh breeze left Les Saintes in my wake… Fresh breeze turned out to be 25-28 knots, Easterly, and waves 2-2,5m (how I know this? I don't, it is what windguru ( tells me it is, I have no way of verifying the correctness). So, after a while adjusting sails and direction, it was possible to avoid the rather large waves crashing into Onda Boa, and we kind of skid a long nicely. As you can see, the excitement was almost too much for Lucky.


Then through the rain and the mist, Dominica… Oh and yes, this can also be the Caribbean, grey skies, rain and wind gusts (never cold though.. that is nice), so it is not all the time, calm pristine blue waters, nice white beaches and waving palm trees, it can be this rough and ready.. and by the looks of it this weather pattern will persist for the next coming days..P1010484P1010483

Plan is to check out some sites and scenes the next couple of days, but the island is large and a lot to do and see, so will have to come back.

As soon as possible, more on Dominica.

Take care for now and all the best,


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